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Grandmaster Max Pallen

Senkotros Arnis Fundamentals
By Grandmaster Max M. Pallen

Senkotros Arnis Fundamentals

For many years Grandmaster Pallen has been practiticing Arnis. He has seen and read many books about the martial art styles of other regions of the Philippines. Grandmaster Pallen has not encountered a single publication about the Bicol region, which prompted this publication. It is a big undertaking to let Philippine martial art practitioners know that in Bicol they also have their own styles, Grandmaster Pallen finally discovered and developed the missing link in his Arnis techniques. He has adopted the sinawali and espada y daga basec on what he has learned from other styles of Arnis, Kali, and Eskrima. These styles have also given him a better foundation and made him culturally complete.

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